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A delegation from Chisinau Municipality attends the Eurocities 2024 Annual Conference


A delegation from Chisinau City Hall, led by the Deputy Mayor, Mrs. Angela Cutasevici, is taking part in the Eurocities 2024 Annual Conference in Cluj - Napoca, Romania.

Recently, Chisinau became a member of the largest network of European cities, Eurocities.

In this context, the Chisinau Municipality was welcomed and presented at the General Assembly of the network, which is made up of 200 member cities from 38 countries.

The areas in which the network wants to bring about change are: climate and environment, migration, urban mobility, social inclusion, public administration, food systems, economic development, etc.

During the event, the municipality's delegation held discussions with the President of the organisation, Burkhard Jung and the Secretary General, André Sobczak.

Also, they welcomed the Mayor of Cluj - Napoca, Emil Boc, who is hosting the 2024 Conference.

Also in Cluj, during the Eurocities 2024 Annual Conference, the organisers presented ways for cities to address the evolving needs and increase the well-being of their inhabitants in an ever-changing world.

The conference hosted focus sessions and focus groups on various topics to support cities to become sustainable, innovative, resilient and access European funding to scale up local innovation.

Participants have the opportunity to learn new experiences and share local practices.