The official page of the Municipality of Chisinau

CAUTION: Yellow code of atmospheric instability. Rain with electric discharges and wind intensities are foreseen


According to the State Meteorological Service, during 4-5 June 2024, a Yellow Code of atmospheric instability is announced for the whole territory of the Republic of Moldova.

Short rains, isolated heavy showers and wind intensities are forecast. The warning is valid from Tuesday, 13:30 until Wednesday, 05.06.2024, 02:00.

In this context, the Chisinau City Hall appeals to residents and guests of the capital to show caution in order to protect their health and property.

Also, to prevent possible incidents caused by heavy rainfall, citizens who are outside their homes are urged to take shelter in safe places and avoid being under old trees.

And motorists should be cautious on the road and avoid construction sites/roads under repair, as water and gravel accumulations may form. Municipal authorities are prepared and will intervene on the ground as necessary.

In the event of any problems following the rains, residents are urged to call the Municipal Central Dispatch, tel. (022) 22-22-67, (022) 22-26-04 or call the single emergency number 112.