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Deputy Mayor Olga Ursu met with her counterpart from Tbilisi, who is responsible for economic development.


Deputy Mayor of the capital, Olga Ursu, met on Monday in Tbilisi with her counterpart, Andria Basilaia, the Deputy Mayor of the Georgian capital responsible for economic development.

They discussed various common interests, including revitalizing cooperation based on the 2011 twinning agreement between Chisinau and Tbilisi, applying for joint European-funded projects, and organizing exchanges in economy, culture, tourism, and youth.

They also agreed to cooperate on startup programs and business incubators. Additionally, Olga Ursu invited Tbilisi officials to the Chisinau Economic Forum in October 2024 and shared photos from the opening of the "Tbilisi" underpass in Chisinau, showcasing scenic images of Tbilisi and Georgia.