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LPA Chisinau invites young people to apply to municipal entrepreneurial support programs


The Chisinau City Hall, through the Municipal Center for Entrepreneurship Development, launches the application process for youth business training programs.

  • Municipal Entrepreneurship Education Program, during the period: 02 May - 31 December 2024.

The aim of the entrepreneurial training sessions is to provide young people with opportunities to develop the entrepreneurial thinking, skills and knowledge needed to successfully start and run their own businesses.

  • Municipal pilot programme "Startup for Youth and Migrants", from 02 May to 7 June 2024.

The aim of the programme is to stimulate entrepreneurship among young people and migrants in Chisinau municipality by facilitating the launch and development of sustainable businesses and supporting job creation.

Under the funding component of the program, with a contribution of only 30%, young people and migrants will be able to obtain non-reimbursable financial support of up to 200 thousand MDL for their own investment projects.

  • Municipal Business Incubator, open until available places are exhausted.

The aim of the incubation programme is the development of resident companies in the cultural, creative and information technology industries. The Municipal Business Incubator will ensure the creation of the necessary infrastructure to develop businesses through:

1) Providing physical and virtual spaces for activity;

2) Providing logistical and technical support for young people at the start-up stage;

3) Organising training and mentoring courses;

4) Providing information support on sources of business financing, etc.