The official page of the Municipality of Chisinau

Payment of property tax for 2024


Chisinau City Hall informs the taxpayers of the municipality about the necessity to pay the property tax for the tax period 2024. In this context, we would like to point out that the relevant subdivision, the Directorate for Collection of Local Taxes and Fees, has already sent the payment notices through the postal services, in accordance with the provisions of Article 286 of the Tax Code.

At the same time, we inform that the holders of electronic and/or mobile signature can access the portal and select the option: view the tax on the basis of the property file and can generate the payment notice without any need for a signature, view the tax amount and print the notice on paper.

We also inform you that, in the context of the amendments to the Tax Code, from 2021 onwards, the paragraph. (2) of art. 282 is repealed and the reduction of 15% is no longer applied for payment by 30 June of the full amount of the calculated real estate tax.

Payment of the tax obligation shall be made with the Payment Notice directly at post offices, bank offices or online through the governmental electronic payment service by selecting the service "Payment of real estate tax (with Payment Notice)".

Тhe deadline for payment of the tax on movable property, according to art. 282, Tax Code, is 30 June 2024!!!

Exemption from the tax ре real estate tax is granted to persons of retirement age under Art. 283 of the Tax Code, but not to all categories of pensioners.

Important: The exemption constitutes only 500 thousand lei of the estimated value for the purpose of taxation of the real estate-domicile.

We also notify that in the case of personal collection а payment notice, for security and protection of personal data at the Directorate's office, these are issued upon presentation of the identity card or legal power of attorney.